Meet Up Has Never
Been Easier

Meetup is designed to help you share and find the location of your friend or group of friends in real-time.

Meetup One

Meetup Place

You can create a meeting place and then invite them to join. Once the invitation is approved, you can easily locate them,
or they can easily track you because it uses a map, GPS, and street view panorama.

Auto Location Update

Ensures that the person or group you're meeting up gets an updated location of where you are.

User Friendly

Intuitive, easy to use, simply reliable tools for your daily and occasional meetup events.

Individual & Group Event

Effectively create individual or group events on which do you prefer for your events.


Best of all, it's completely free to sign up for an account and get started.

Simple and Effective

It achieved the simplicity and convenient way to discover the effectivity.


Provides you the best condition to accomplish your meetup events effectively, and efficiently.

A group event, attendee can see each other’s realtime location

A single event, only the organizer can see each attendee's location in realtime

Only the organizer can send invitation and can end the meetup event ay anytime

Care for you

Create a meeting place and then invite people to join.

The one that created the meetup event is called organizer. Every meetup event you'll find was originally created by an individual just like you.

  • Organizers are able to invite and select meetup location.
  • Group and private chat to communicate with the event members.
  • Event members and organizer can track each locations in an event.
  • With this app, your meetup event will be much more easier.

Want to know where is the meetup location of your friend? Or you want to join the trip with a group meetup? Meetup will helps you.